Residential Real Estate Law

Our office also offers real estate services which include title transfers, dower releases, builders liens (both filing and defending against liens), and review of Real Property Reports. Ralph Levine Law Office can also assist in the drafting of agreements charging land, including promissory notes and the filing of caveats. We are able to assist in the drafting, review and registration of all documents required.

Due to the nature of today’s changing market, our real estate team includes lawyers who are able to assist clients with the drafting and review of Agreements for Sale (or Rent-to-Own Agreements), residential and commercial leases, and rental agreements.

We are also able to help you with a transfer of land ownership through a title transfer. We can also help with fixing or changing your land title registered address on your existing title if needed.

Mortgage Refinancing

We can assist both borrowers and lenders when deal with mortgage financing. Our team deals with commercial and residential mortgages on a regular basis. Learn more about mortgage refinancing here.

Construction Mortgages

Our construction financing and mortgage lawyers are able to help with all aspects of construction mortgages. This includes each stage from creating the mortgage documents to financing the last draw.

Private Lending

We act for borrowers as well as lenders. In private lending situations, we often cannot act for both at the same time. When a borrower requires independent legal advice in a private lending situation, we can help.

Real Estate Litigation

Our firm’s litigation department offers a wealth of knowledge and experience in real estate related litigation should any problems arise during or after the completion of your real estate transaction, which may include breaches of the real estate contract. Our real estate law team also deals with foreclosure actions. We can act for a borrower or a lender in these matters.

Condominium Boards & Management Companies

As a full service firm, we can meet all the legal needs of condominium boards and management companies. Our condominium lawyers understand all aspects of real estate law as it relates to condos. Learn more about how we can help with condominium specific legal issues here.