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Real Estate Law Services

Ralph Levine Law Office offers a number of real estate related services. We understand that the process of buying, selling and refinancing your home can often be very stressful for people.


Immigration Legal Services

Whether you want to become a Permanent resident of Canada or Canadian citizen, get work permit, Sponsor a spouse or your family, Apply for Refugee Status, Being Removed or Deported from Canada you should contact us.

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General Legal Services

Some general legal matter may seem simple and straightforward, but they definitely deserve proper professional attention. Please call to make an appointment or drop by our office for assistance for your notarization needs.

At Ralph Levine Law Office in Toronto, Ontario, we pride ourselves on our ability to help simplify and explain the process in order to ensure that your real estate transaction is as stress-free as possible. We are a residential real estate law firm that cares. The help you need when buying, selling or refinancing a home 647-351-8680.